Hidden Game

Having fun with meter on this first day of Poetry Month and kickoff of NaPoWriMo. Wishing the best to all participants out there!

Hidden Game

Happy little threesome?
But One was not aware
Of the second exchange of love
between the other pair.

The One made to question
Had she become crazed
While actuality proved
The other two lived unfazed.

Seeking to find the truth,
The One would frequently inquire.
All she received for an answer
Was, “Get your head out from the mire!”

Talking behind The One’s back
In the shadows were the other two
Enjoying their time with intention.
But who else truly knew?

Of course Love could not grow
In a landscape of heartbreak,
Where hiding the truth and mockery
Was the only give and take.

Whoa, what’ s this? A slight
twist in this haughty tale?
Both women pushed away
As if to no avail.

Which woman stays?
Who’s the one to bid adieu?
The One, unaware ’til the end,
Decided, “Tunes of betrayal are threw!”

So you out there, young woman or man
Know your worth, stand your place.
Wise up and walk on.
You were not meant for waste!