Haven’s Call

Sweet Daughter,
no need to be alarmed.
The dark night of your soul
has finally awakened.
Yes, it is complex,
but worry need not
waste space here.

Your dark night is different.
I feel your heart softens.
It is not like the Ravine
whose darkness seems
hopeless, lonely, horrifying
never ending.

Your dark night is obscure.
All feelings disappeared you say?
Your senses on
life and hope invisible?
Then silence the noise,
hear your heart’s truth.
Fire still burns
deep within you.
It urges you on saying,
“Live! There is more
to be done, learn and love.
Go and harness that time.”

Your dark night is insistent.
Your awareness reminds you
warmth of heart exists.
Love and brightness of the Light
still resonate within your perception.
So follow your heart, Sweet Daughter,
Fight for it, take it back,
embrace your life with fervor.

© C.I.Mues

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