Many Wonders of Roses

Upon first glance,
the beauty of roses
cannot be questioned.

They enhance other flowers,
size makes no difference in effect.
But influence of a lone rose
strengthens not weakens.

Roses nourish the human form,
something not foreign through
their many petals of awe.

Oils from the roses’ petals
astonish our skin
with full care.
Nares tingle with delight.

In fortitude rose thorns protect,
while roses’ beauty of endurance
always teach us to appreciate life.

Of course, we gardeners
learn respect for nature;
roses demand a unique realm of care.

Words askew, roses express hope.
They reinforce love,
happiness and memories held dear.

The roses reach in ways not spoken,
expanding into imagination.
Here they tell us magic is real.

© C.I.Mues

[#NaPoWriMo Day 6]

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