Final moves stand closer
than we see or feel.
Still much to do!
You reached midway;
keep pace.
Make it to the finish!

Obstacles and tricks
seemingly feel prevalent.
Stand back to observe them;
absorbing them destroys.
Understand and accept
times cross your path
when you experience
rushes of emotion,
from attempts with intention
making you feel unworthy
on desired efforts you push.

Remove your mind from such scenes!
Dancing with those feelings
you claim what is said as truth.
Your truth: no one has power to
deem you inferior to them or others
unless you give them
reins to do so.

Appreciate your impeccable imperfections,
elements of strength, beauty, character.
Set aside labels of weird, strange or odd.
Those are where the mind chose to close
by order of the heart. But be thankful.
That heart was not yours!

© C.I.Mues

#napowrimo #glopowrimo Challenge Day 15, theme focus, “Midway or In the Middle”
#poem #poetrymonth


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