A Writer’s Mind Is a Well

“I learned never to empty
the well of my writing,
but always to stop
when there was
still something there
in the deep part of the well,
and let it refill at night
from the springs that fed it.”

~Earnest Hemingway

This is one of the very few quotes that helps me keep going when I appear to be looming within my writing.

…write everyday….
even if it is just
a few words or does
not make sense.

I experience times when I do not always realize my well of resources feels drained.
But that is not necessarily a result of  letting my well of resources go dry. I merely did not make an appointment with myself to take downtime so thoughts, impressions and feelings could incubate. I needed to allow myself to play.

This quote also reminds me of a major rule to never ignore: write everyday….even if it is just a few words or does not make sense; I consider all my writing works-in-progress, even when they are deemed complete. After I perform those inscriptions,  then I can put down that pen and say, “I exercised.”

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