Making Twitter Work for Me

I confess as I create my first flash fiction, it means unhinging factors I see in novels. Attempting to breathe a long story into ultra compact form is downright hard.

…new habits unfold
especially in my
resources for creating…

I may also be setting my expectations too high for my first few attempts. Inevitable mistakes need to be embraced by me. That alone is a life habit I continually learn to harness daily to become a norm.

Within all this writing struggle, new habits unfold especially in my resources for creativity from different experiences, events/scenarios, even personality traits to name a few. My Twitter account for Ink Pen Alchemy doubles as my Idea File.

I do save what
I consider “gold”
for my writing
projects all to myself.

Things I retweet (RT) I view through perspective of possessing value that sparks my interest to write or draw/paint about. I still hope information I tweet or RT acts as useful to both followers and non-followers alike. But I am not afraid to admit I am a tad selfish: I do save what I consider “gold” for my creative projects all to myself.

I utilize every inch of my Twitter account:

  • Add Likes regarding things from promoting authors’ works or how-to’s to articles and events on various subjects, including from other arts. (These merely name a few.)
  • Organize further through the Lists I create. This is comparable to within an actual file cabinet
  • Keep track (offline) of hashtags to go back to things I previously RT or tweeted.

Even these actions receive fine-tuning daily.

Keep in mind, I mix and match different ideas together. I make sure my developing concepts do not stem from one single tweet topic, but several to ensure originality and prevent copyright violations. All things truly are relative to each other within a creative point-of-view.

So far, I like keeping Twitter as an idea file. Is this a possible curse of being an introvert?

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