Magic of the Inscrutable

Flower Study

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to accomplish something big, that we fail to notice the little things that give life its magic. ~ Unknown


Authentic radiance often comes from the inscrutable. He travels his own odyssey, not fitting what the world thinks of him.

Having experienced darkness, he understands the key to recognizing his magic. He possesses awareness that power to always be better than before lives within The Self.

On his travels, many times the inscrutable does not seek remolding or being re-created. God’s blueprints touched his soul. But to outside eyes, the designs blur, deeply misunderstood by minds caught up in methods and measures.

His individual odyssey shines light for self-discovery as he goes about creating his here-and-now with each day’s adventure. Dawn to dusk, he sees no two walks alike nor its results. Humankind’s syndicated approaches and answers remain obscure to him ’til time calls.

Society’s panaceas of finding happiness decry a journey of possibilities for the inscrutable. He  does not desire ongoing repetition. Accomplishment reached, he moves on, learning to try new spaces and ideas. Yet, he holds on to the rare paths of unfeigned friendships built along the way.

He may seem subtle, in his ways, but if we allow ourselves to see and listen to hidden souls such as his, our spirits’ hungers will become satiated to share the jewels.

© C.I.Mues photography & prose
Quote: Author unknown

#prose #photography

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