Thank you for visiting! I am C.I. Mues, an impassioned writer and creative seeking to secure my footsteps to a journey into the realm of The Poet. I casually go by ‘Carli’, a front end web developer by trade.

I owned a love for writing since I was eight years old. A steadfast introvert, I kept the other worlds, thoughts, and prayers to myself. Mesmerized by the comfort and solace of writing, I also wrote in an attempt to explore places I dreamed of reaching. Still, I never dared share my writing with humanity, following the false advisement the act meant nothing productive except leisure time. That is until now.

A dear friend once shared this quote with me that embraces how I view this journey:

You know how witers are…
they create themselves
as they create their work.
Or perhaps they create their work
in order to create themselves.
~ Orson Scott Card

An avid reader, my love of poetry comes first. It’s where I can be myself. This transfers into my first writing objective: conquer myself in authorship via the mindset of a poet. My first poet book debuts October 2017.

Poetry is not my only hope for this site. As I mentioned exploring, I look forward to keeping an open door to the shorter things in writing and the territory of the visual: flash fiction, possible short stories-or at least occasional teasers-flavored with mixed media art pieces here and there. I believe they all intertwine intricately.

In meaningful terms, contributing to the writing community (though in humbler ways) acts as the ultimate purpose I reserve for this site.

“What about the land of fiction? You now,..more like a novel,” you ask.

As I create my work in writing (create myself), we’ll have to wait for unfolding of my trek’s next chapters to find out the answer.

I hope you enjoy the writing. I invite you to join me on this journey!

~ C.I. Mues (Carli)