After the Earthquake

Earthquake rattles bones
Feeling rounds of aftershocks
In pain and uncertainty
How to face revolvers of old,

Amplified Classroom

naiveté no longer a curse
she releases accusations
of eccentricity

Free Originality

so you think
you cannot accomplish
what Inner Compass
calls you to do
create your own path
originality intact
allow yourself to
live life anew.

© 2017 C.I.Mues

Not a Sin, Not a Weakness

Feelings do not connote sin or weakness.

not always.
some show signs,
warnings of jeopardy. Continue reading Not a Sin, Not a Weakness

Journey Begins

First Flash Fiction story! This is for Day 2 of the FlashFicHive Challenge [@FlashFicHive, Twitter] for August. Feedback welcomed; I wrote this resembling a poetry format. Writing a story in one hundred words is truly a challenge, but I enjoyed it. (Not to worry: I am not giving up poetry. ) Continue reading Journey Begins