Making Twitter Work for Me

I confess as I create my first flash fiction, it means unhinging factors I see in novels. Attempting to breathe a long story into ultra compact form is downright hard.

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Is It Your Story?

Today marked the one-year anniversary since the passing of musical artist, Prince. I decided to create a poem inspired by one of his earlier songs, called Controversy. It has stayed with me since I first heard it as a rebellious thirteen-year-old.

I just can’t believe all the things people say
Am I black or white, am I straight or gay?
Do I believe in god, do I believe in me?

~Prince, from album, Controversy

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Playing with Neologisms

As a writer, there are several times I feel challenged on being creative with my writing adhering to too many rules. I found experimenting with neologisms helps me loosen rules just enough to play with my writing creatively. Continue reading Playing with Neologisms

Scribes Beyond the Word

“Tell me your story…”
Many think of only the written word.
But other intimate explorers
of a soul’s universe willingly
open their heart to
Modern Expression’s fissure,
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