After the Earthquake

Earthquake rattles bones
Feeling rounds of aftershocks
In pain and uncertainty
How to face revolvers of old,

Ending To Start

Often absorbed
into how an ending
to anything life threw
took place, we end up
missing the start
of our promise
to a new beginning.
Keep looking and
moving foward to
enjoy new starts
to their fullest.

© C.I. Mues

Hope In Time

When Time thought
it was silenced,
quiet sparks radiated
throughout the earth
like no other,
unseen by living dead.

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Magic Elixir

Sometimes gentle silence
is the best elixir
for those moments
not anticipated
shocking fragility
of any human’s soul.

© C.I.Mues

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Medicine for the Soul

Medicine for the Soul

Now see here,
no need to be idle
or feel despair.
Music plays softly
healing your heart,
elixir for a bruised mind.

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