Book Closed

Reading first three chapters
Agony befriends me
Insipidty prances as crime.
That is not all
To seize just in time,
Terms all finally mine!
Independence redeemed
‘pon shutting this book,
Closure reached
There was never a breach
Meaning Darkness enjoyed all the fun…
It’s time now, then, to simply let in the Sun.

©2017 C.I.Mues

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Chosen Resolve

September 15, 1937: Sally Halterman, first woman granted a license to operate a motorcycle in Washington, D.C.

How easy it would be
Surrendering to,
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Playing with Neologisms

As a writer, there are several times I feel challenged on being creative with my writing adhering to too many rules. I found experimenting with neologisms helps me loosen rules just enough to play with my writing creatively. Continue reading Playing with Neologisms

Where are my glasses?

Where are my glasses?
Where are my glasses?
A mouse runs to greet the rising dawn,
After stopping to mind a marble scampers on.

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Hidden Game

Having fun with meter on this first day of Poetry Month and kickoff of NaPoWriMo. Wishing the best to all participants out there! Continue reading Hidden Game