After the Earthquake

Earthquake rattles bones
Feeling rounds of aftershocks
In pain and uncertainty
How to face revolvers of old,

Not a Sin, Not a Weakness

Feelings do not connote sin or weakness.

not always.
some show signs,
warnings of jeopardy. Continue reading Not a Sin, Not a Weakness

The Seductiveness of Hate

The compelling poem, Hate for Sale, by author, Neil Gaiman, was enough by itself. Seeing it visualized and vocalized under the direction and animation talents of Anna Eijsbouts and voice of Peter Kenny, respectively, made me take time to reassess where my personal perspectives toward life around me lay.

Hate for Sale from Anna Eijsbouts on Vimeo.

Taking Time 16th April, 2017

2016-05-30-roman-drits-barnimages-009-1400x933To fellow Artists and Readers,

Your feedback is always a blessing; I thank you!

Sending love to you all for a beautiful upcoming week…

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Sharing a Bit of Love

When you feel your world is falling apart, lighten the dimness by changing your perspective; give yourself a new tune to dance life to today. You are worth it! ❤

~ from the heart of C.I.Mues to yours