Hope In Time

When Time thought
it was silenced,
quiet sparks radiated
throughout the earth
like no other,
unseen by living dead.

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Finding the Lost Kid

All seems to have escaped.

Look inside to recapture all wonder

not lost. What never left, rests intact.

Simple curiosity and imagination,

feeling playtime within its new skin,

await as only equipment necessary

to rekindle love, laughter, thunder or

loosen hidden waterfalls enchanted.

Once again rising strong, personal truth

awakened to an original purpose.

© C.I. Mues

#napowrimo #glopowrimo challenge Day 29 | #nevergiveup #poetrymonth #poem

Magic Elixir

Sometimes gentle silence
is the best elixir
for those moments
not anticipated
shocking fragility
of any human’s soul.

© C.I.Mues

#napowrimo #glopowrimo Day 27 | #nevergiveup #poetymonth #poem

Nature’s Retribution


Each of us has to find out for himself what is permitted and what is forbidden – forbidden for him. – Hermann Hesse

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Pain surmounts, its waves

Washing away quickly

While mistakes confessed

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