Scribes Beyond the Word

“Tell me your story…”
Many think of only the written word.
But other intimate explorers
of a soul’s universe willingly
open their heart to
Modern Expression’s fissure,
A Sacred now being forced aside. Read more

Another unveiling.
Personality revealed,
but who does it belong to?
In a culture laden heavily
with excessive competition,
labels and categories required
as permission slips
for human compassion.
Is there no “As Is”?

Some name this appendage
Hat, interchanged for function.
Others say it behaves as Mask.
My voice proclaims Veil.
For in using Veil,
personalities are enacted on
as layer upon layer
kept on or removed
one at a time.


My decisions to live fully
fallen under assault,
compromised daily
by Our Way or No Way law.
Every lifesaving breath taken
now relies on my footsteps in faith.

C.I. Mues