A Writer’s Mind Is a Well

“I learned never to empty
the well of my writing,
but always to stop
when there was
still something there
in the deep part of the well,
and let it refill at night
from the springs that fed it.”

~Earnest Hemingway

This is one of the very few quotes that helps me keep going when I appear to be looming within my writing.

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Magic Elixir

Sometimes gentle silence
is the best elixir
for those moments
not anticipated
shocking fragility
of any human’s soul.

© C.I.Mues

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Is It Your Story?

Today marked the one-year anniversary since the passing of musical artist, Prince. I decided to create a poem inspired by one of his earlier songs, called Controversy. It has stayed with me since I first heard it as a rebellious thirteen-year-old.

I just can’t believe all the things people say
Am I black or white, am I straight or gay?
Do I believe in god, do I believe in me?

~Prince, from album, Controversy

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Scribes Beyond the Word

“Tell me your story…”
Many think of only the written word.
But other intimate explorers
of a soul’s universe willingly
open their heart to
Modern Expression’s fissure,
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Eyes of the Poet #2

As things continue to take shape and evolve on Ink Pen Alchemy, so will the titles of pieces such as small series.

I felt that within each writer there is a poet either awake or asleep by personal choice. Read more